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Is Watching Movies on PrimeWire Safe and Legal in 2020?

Do you want to see the new season of your favorite series or a blockbuster that has not yet come to the free television? We make it possible with just a few clicks of the mouse. But is it actually legal if you watch films online? Here you can find out what you should look for in streaming providers and what additional risks there are. Simply viewing the stream is seen as a legal gray area. The general view assumes that just looking at or listening to a movie is fine. However, downloading or distributing the film or series is definitely punishable. It is worth to mention that downloading directly from the server such as ours, is not illegal, because you are not sending anything. Illegal is only downloading through the torrent network if you don't tinker with the options. Using torrents and torrent software like bittorrent or utorrent, you are not only downloading but also sending copyrighted content to other users, but there are settings in which you can disable that. For an inexperienced user watching a movie or tv series on a streaming site like PrimeWire is definitely easier.

What does streaming mean?

With online streaming, you play a movie, image or music available online without the work being downloaded to your own device. You usually register with a streaming provider and then use their services, or you can stream directly from other users, cloud storage or a website like PrimeWire. The advantage is big: during streaming, you can watch the film instantly. You don't have to wait for the whole 2GB file to download. The files are not stored on your hard drive, but only in the buffer which gets deleted after a certain time. However, this technology requires an undisturbed and fast internet connection. Otherwise the transmission can be slow and can make watching a movie impossible. However, some streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offer the possibility that some films and series can be saved on the device for a certain period of time, so you can continue to watch on the go, offline or with poor internet connection on your mobile phone, computer or tablet. PrimeWire also offers this option for some movies and TV series episodes.

Can PrimeWire Harm My Computer?

Our website doesn't contain any dangerous addons or ads. Watching movies online on PrimeWire will always be safe for your computer or mobile device. Our website is well optimized for PCs, Windows, Mac laptops and mobile devices on Android and IOS. The only real, trustful PrimeWire domain is Please do not visit fraud and scam websites impersonating us.

How to Watch Movies Online on PrimeWire?

There are two major problems when watching movies online: The continuous slowdowns in movie playback and the quality in which it plays. This makes it impossible to truly enjoy an afternoon / night of movies. Additionaly it is an unwritten law and this type of thing usually happens at the best moment of the film and ends up frustrating you. This can happen due to many factors such as: your Internet connection, the website from which you are watching the free movie or the chosen quality of the video. Some of these problems can be solved, except for the speed of your internet connection. Anyway, finding a good video streaming website to watch movies for free in English language and with decent playback quality where these problems do not exist or are very rare is not easy. PrimeWire team has made everything in their power to give you the fastest and smoothest working movie players. Our movie embeds are of the same quality as Youtube / Google videos. To find if the movie you are looking for exist on PrimeWire, you can simply use the search bar placed above this text. You can also use the search bar located on the top menu if you are on different page, such as Action genre movies or TV Series episodes list. If you can't find the movie using our search, try to do it using google or bing search. Type in "Movie name -", like "The last of us online". You will be able to find a link to our website of almost every movie ever released in United States or in foreign countries such as Germany, France, Japan, United Kingdom or Canada. To start watching movie online, simply click on the play button of the main movie player, if the quality does not satisfy you, check the buttons below the main player. These buttons are mirrors of the same movie. You can select your desired server from which you want to start streaming the movie. Sometimes the main movie player could be overloaded because of too many people watching the movie at the same time or the file could be deleted. It doesn't happen often, but still it does from time to time and can be very annoying. If it happens you can simply change the server and start streaming the film. If none of the servers are available please contact us and we will add a new one as soon as possible. Main movie player has usually many selective options such as quality, speed and subtitles. You can change between 360p 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4k for many movies. Majority of episodes and movies on primewire have option to add subtitles of many popular languages. We have subtitles for English, Mandarin, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, French, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Punjabi, German, Japanese, Italian, Javanese, Telugu, Tamil, Korean, Malay, Marathi, Vietnamese, Turkish, Urdu, Persian, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Dutch, Thai, Greek, Hungarian, Czech and Swedish language.

Can I download movies or episodes from PrimeWire?

Yes, you can download most movies or episodes on our website. How to do it? You have two buttons for downloading full movie or episode. First button is placed above the movie player, it's "Download HD" button. The second button is on the bottom menu of the player. You can use any of these buttons to download film in chosen quality. Unlike other popular movie streaming sites, primewire doesn't promote fake download ads. Our buttons doesn not contain virus or malware content which can harm your computer or mobile device. You can feel safe using buttons on our website.

Where can I watch CAM movies?

So you really want to watch that movie that was just released in cinemas, but you live in a country where it is just not available yet, live far away from the nearest cinema in your area or you are not old enough to go through age restrictions for certain movie? Maybe you simply don't have money for the ticket or don't want to spend as much? Is it really possible to watch online a film that is only streamed in cinemas? The anwser is: yes, it is possible on PrimeWire. As soon as CAM movie is recorded, PrimeWire adds it to it's offer. When better version is available, we replace CAM mirrors with appropriate embeds. For some movies there is an alpha version, which is working only for premium PrimeWire members. This version is usually better quality than public CAM version of the movie. How to check fast if the movie is recorded in CAM quality? On the movie poster, there is small caption on the left upper side of the image - "CAM".

Do I need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to watch movies on this website?

VPN is a software that allows you to browse the internet through encrypted connection. In short - you can browse internet anonymously. If you can enter this website without using VPN or proxy, it means your country has not blocked PrimeWire. However if in future, you will not be able to visit our website, or you will be redirected to another strange website or shown an error, that will mean your country has blocked us. If it happens, we can recommend top VPN providers such as Nord VPN, Express VPN, CyberGhost, PureVPN and ProtonVPN. When you are buying VPN pay attention to the amount of available locations and servers in as many countries as possible. It is also important for a VPN software that it does not store user activity logs. If it does, then it can not be trusted.

Everyone watches movies and TV series, but not everyone wants to pay for it as much money every month. Just compare amount of people who have Netflix or HBO Go subscription at home, with all the people who have seen the last seasons of popular series. The numbers just doesn't sum up. Millions of people love to watch movies and tv shows for free online. If you found our website on the internet or a friend recommended you this site, then you need to know that you are in a good place. If Netflix is too expensive for you, and you don't want to pay for Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO GO and other streaming networks, don't worry, you won't be left without entertainment. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can watch movies for free. Sure, you won't be able to see the latest Hollywood releases instantly as it takes a few hours for us to add it, but you will be able to enjoy popular 2020 movies without spending a dime (however, sometimes it is possible that a movie is released on PrimeWire first and then on official streaming sites, due to a leak, so you can watch earlier here!). PrimeWire is a service that offers completely free movies (legally) that you can watch online. It offers also watching TV Series online. You can watch here all of the most popular shows. The only thing is that you must be prepared to see commercials, since our services depend on the ads to survive.